Bulk Mint NFTs on OpenSea Using IPFS folders (ERC1155 Compliant)

this video works great but I’ve got a question.
what if I want to update an existing IPFS Folder with more content? every time I run the script it creates a new IPFS path, is there a way to update an existing IPFS with more images or JSON?


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I don’t know of a way to update the content/files on a previous IPFS folder

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One way to do that is using IPNS, which you can do through your local IPFS server like this

ipfs name publish <ipfs-hash>

Once you do that, you’ll get and IPNS hash that will point to different hash every time you update it. Since Moralis has an IPFS server by default, you can access your IPNS file with


Keep in mind, IPNS will persist only for 24 hours so if you use such solution is by using Moralis cronjob to keep publishing every 24 hours through an API that’ll help you to keep it in IPNS.

P.S. All these are not in docs, but I know it from my own experiments.

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Another simpler way might be using the IPFS hash as the tokenId where here is a Medium article that I found I think is really good and you can mostly copy the code and do a bit of modification to work with Moralis https://soenkeba.medium.com/truly-decentralized-nfts-by-erc-1155-b9be28db2aae

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