Building on Moralis

In the literature, I have realized that Moralis specifies Ethereum, BSC, Polygon, Solana, and Elrond as the blockchains for which we may use Moralis for development.
Since all Moralis dApps are cross-chain by default, what does this specifically mean in the context of deploying a dApp for example on Ethereum?

Am I right to assume that in a particular use case, this dApp could interact with a Polygon/Solana smart contract?
Moreover, as the literature also specifies dApps on Moralis are future proof, what does this imply for blockchains that are not EVM compatible interacting with dApps on Moralis?

Every Moralis web3 api function has a parameter called chain using which you will get the blockchain-specific data. So by changing the chain parameter we can get data from different chains.

But when it comes to smart contract interaction, there will be two variables which you need to modify. one is obviously the chain name and the other will be the contract address (as smart contracts deployed on different chains will have different addresses).

So, by just the chain name and smart contract parameter your dapp will be multichain.
And as you mentioned this is true only for EVM’s.
Dapp will require to be updated when non-evm chains are used.

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