[Bug?] Plugin - Sync and Watch Address - by Moralis

Watching the cloud functions 101 I saw Jeremy used this plugin and got historical transactions.
For me I only got the class “watchedEthAddress”.

Server URL: https://u7o9bggwzgng.moralis.io:2053/server

The historical transactions should’ve shown up in less than a minute.

  • Did you select the “sync historical” option?
  • Does the address have transactions on the network(s) selected for that server instance? If you selected Testnet when creating the server but that address has no transactions on Testnet then there is nothing to add.

Yes I did select sync historical.
The address does have transactions on the selected network.

The server is on ethereum mainnet and I tracked an address with activity on.
I did now notice that transactions that was made yesterday is tracked, but older transactions are still not there.