Bug on Get ERC20 token transfers by wallet

Get ERC20 token transfers by wallet API is giving the result excluding all from/to zero address which can lead to inconsistent with the total token transaction in the new wallet stats api.

Hi @csze, thanks for your feedback. Can you please post an example here in this thread?

this is the result of get erc20 token transfer by wallet, it has 2 transactions
“page”: 0,
“page_size”: 100,
“cursor”: null,
“result”: [
“token_name”: “RareTron.io”,
“token_symbol”: “RareTron.io”,
“token_logo”: null,
“token_decimals”: “0”,
“from_address”: “0x24d1ddca687cb784572533a97575044444444444”,
“from_address_label”: null,
“to_address”: “0x6a3b7999e38d7d603477e3b90f0979427891f9c4”,
“to_address_label”: null,
“address”: “0x2597c340641d83e865aca87e5723c6d9e2dd2d6a”,
“block_hash”: “0xdcaba9c78357f569f457d6ec4b37a715874bb3515a554cc8eb01881a9df5076c”,
“block_number”: “33367570”,
“block_timestamp”: “2023-09-15T17:39:47.000Z”,
“transaction_hash”: “0xe111b37ef9f889a98955b3858237350b509da9b23895361b2070a7613390b5a8”,
“transaction_index”: 8,
“log_index”: 1259,
“value”: “66666”,
“possible_spam”: false,
“value_decimal”: “66666”
“token_name”: “X token”,
“token_symbol”: “X”,
“token_logo”: null,
“token_decimals”: “8”,
“from_address”: “0x6a3b7999e38d7d603477e3b90f0979427891f9c4”,
“from_address_label”: null,
“to_address”: “0x69e805eebd8b5c8bd3d370de551a591572b7a434”,
“to_address_label”: null,
“address”: “0x47d126ac92ef10bae5d446c88506f6aaff583bee”,
“block_hash”: “0xe0950b529fb3962bddae91dcc5347a599d0d729f8b87504f221fa4c47e2b951b”,
“block_number”: “33354562”,
“block_timestamp”: “2023-09-15T06:49:19.000Z”,
“transaction_hash”: “0xcb500e6173a8f134e5e8cc4d377427f321ab03380d2bb7748c19128046f8aaaf”,
“transaction_index”: 1,
“log_index”: 1,
“value”: “10000000000”,
“possible_spam”: false,
“value_decimal”: “100”
this is the result of the wallet stats which shows 4 transactions in erc20
“nfts”: “0”,
“collections”: “0”,
“transactions”: {
“total”: “12”
“nft_transfers”: {
“total”: “2”
“token_transfers”: {
“total”: “4”

we can see that the mint and burn transactions are not included

Currently, transfers from null addresses are not included yet in the response for get erc20 token transfers. Can you please provide me with the address being checked and the chain? I will use your example to raise this with our developers.


the address:0x6A3b7999E38D7D603477E3b90F0979427891f9C4
chain: bsc testnet

Thank you for the details. Currently Null address transfers are not included for bsc testnet on this endpoint, however it will be integrated for bsc testnet chain in the coming months

yes please and other chains as well. Thanks

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Certainly, our team is actively working on integrating for all our supported chains

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