Bug: Event Sync does not show chain after adding cloud code

Just want to point out an observation made: whenever I create a new testnet server I can create event syncs without any issues. However if I upload cloud code first then when I try to create a new event sync I cannot choose the chain anymore, thus I can’t create my event syncs. I want to create the cloud code first as I know moralis fetches previous events when creating event syncs and my cloud code responds to those events and I want my cloud code to go over those previous events as well. My cloud code is not giving any errors. The chain I’m on is Kovan. I’ve tried restarting my laptop, clearing browser history, turning off my VPN and also under “view details” selecting any chain under “EVM Configuration” but still when I try to create an event sync there’s no option to choose a chain.

Try to refresh the page. Try to select the chain again if is no longer selected in evms tab. I think that it is only a temporary problem of not displaying the chain.