Bug? Cloning Rarible in 24H - table name wrong in Cloud Functions?


I guess I found a bug :wink: .
I use server vs. 0.0.222.

When i use the code from https://github.com/MoralisWeb3/youtube-tutorials/tree/main/rarible-clone
and login, update the profile and Add an Item: it is not visible via “My items” modal box.

As tables I get (server -> Dashboard -> browser):

Checking the server -> Cloud Functions -> Cloud Functions tab:
This is content of this file: https://github.com/MoralisWeb3/youtube-tutorials/blob/main/rarible-clone/cloud_functions.js

I had to replace 2x the tablename “NFTTokenOwners” into “EthNFTOwners” inside the functions getUserItems and ItemsForSale (first 2 functions).
Then it shows the added item (!).

Please update the cloud_functions.js file at github.

To have the ‘Cloud functions’ in an own file in my ide, i use the option to upload this automatically after each change, via (3 params invalidated :wink: ) the commandline:

moralis-admin-cli watch-cloud-file --moralisApiKey 2OK..iaj --moralisApiSecret ZMy..ybG --moralisSubdomain lql..2gi.moralis.io --moralisCloudFile  CloudFunctions.js

But then i have to “Update/Restart” the server… Why or can this automatically?

The names of columns have changed since the video was recorded!

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