BSC Websocket endpoint missing transactions

Hi, I’m using your bsc wss endpoint to monitor the transaction pool, but a lot of transactions are missing and I’m using your pro licence.

What should I do?

Hi, how many transactions in percentage do you think you are missing. You can not get 100% of pending transactions, as not all the pending transactions may make it to our nodes.

If you try to connect to websocket multiple times, sometimes you get better results or same results in percentage every time?

can’t tell you how many are missing, but on 10 transaction each day that I’d like to track I get only max 2/3.
As there is not a direct way to monitor in which case I have better result, I don’t know.
I will test the websocket with other providers and let you know.
Could it be that moralis nodes are too slow or are having problems?

you could try to use two providers at the same time, maybe some transactions are sent first to a provider and other transactions are sent first to the other provider

Already thought about that, but I’m risking to reach the api limit. Not a feasible solution

on what API limit are you referring?
you don’t have to ask for same transaction hashes from both providers

If I subscribe for pendingTransaction with moralis, and pendingTransaction from another provider, than I have to use moralis to get the transaction details from the hashes of both. I could code a strategy to get transaction details only for not duplicated hashes but it will affect the performance.