BSC speedy node request limit

I was told to ask this here by support. I’d like to pay to increase the api request limit for speedy nodes and I’d also like to know if there is a way to monitor the requests being made.

For context: I’m standing up a node for The Graph and want to get up and running quickly and it makes a lot of api calls and some of them are returning 503 and I’m wondering if it is due to hitting rate limits.

Hello @tyler.hawkes!

You’re currently on a free plan, right?
Please let me know what rate limit you’d prefer to have. As of now, there’s not an interface for you to see your usage, but we can always read your usage for you.

The error you’re experiencing is likely due to needs of a higher rate limit.

Let me know your thoughts!

I currently am on the free plan and I don’t see where to upgrade, though I haven’t looked that much.

The subgraph I deployed has caught up. The problem is that it is very bursty and we need a lot of api requests when initially indexing or re-indexing subgraphs, but when they’re caught up it slows way down. It would be great to have something like 20k requests/minute. I’m happy to pay for the service because I know that running these nodes isn’t cheap or easy.

Hi @tyler.hawkes, appreciate the detailed reply!

Indeed, in that situation you’re going to benefit from the higher rate limit. We provide tha rate limit of 20,000 req/min at $500/month. And to upgrade, it’s vwry simple:

  1. Please make a payment theough the following link -

  2. Let me know your account email, in DMs please, so I can double check if your limit got increased by the payment trigger (of you used the same email at purchase and Moralis account)
    If not, no worries, I’ll manually raise your limit

Let me know if you encounter any issues. Thanks! :slight_smile: