BSC Custom Swap of Token Miner Fees

Hey hey guys, i am doing a BSC mainnet swap on my custom webpage with moralis
I am using a token with liquidity that our team has created, it has the same taxes as a similar token on bsc yet
was just wondering why when i try to do the swap i am getting this error
{“statusCode”:400,“error”:“Bad Request”,“description”:“cannot estimate. Don’t forget about miner fee. Try to leave the buffer of BNB for gas”,“meta”:[],“requestId”:“e0c51129-af8e-4c30-9896-ba4a34b12af1”}

but if i try the other similar token it works perfectly fine, the slippage is set to 25
i believe the fees are 10% in and 10% out
total supply of token is 1 Quad and max wallet size is 2% of supply per wallet (unsure if this part matters)

Hey i got this working now with wrapped bnb but i changed my code to the alternate moralis swap, the first way i tried was the 10 minute setup one,

now i just need help getting smart chain to swap it with, as right now i had to use wrappedbnb to swap it wont read the bsc address it just gives an error

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