BSC Boilerplate with front end to Buy and Stake

Hi I’m looking for a boilerplate that works for the moralis speedy nodes Binance smart chain
And a front end that has a basic interface to start with; I can modify the look and feel but 1.) I want to allow visitors to buy my token with dapp and 2.) allow visitors to stake their token, after also connecting to the website dapp with their MetaMask wallet. Also I will have a NFT explore marketplace, and my own portfolio collection of NFT’s .

What you can do, just combine those both boilerplats and you will have what you are looking for.

@Cedro Hey Your awesome. Thanks. I will try to do this. Is there a list of items/components from each that somehow have to be combined or will a learner or dabbling developer such as myself you think figure it out. If I can simply follow instructions since Moralis started this from Youtube also and be successful as I have been then my assumption is that I can do it.

Location of those items is in my hope to learn…for to Sell a Token, Stake a Token for earning, and Farm part i wont go that far yet if i dont have to yet, if I will be combining component or a couple from one boilerplate stack to a main master stack?

What items generally can you clarify I may need to be combined into which master component already openly ready to add to? I saw that in the ethereum boilerplate there is a Math components used for Staking someone referenced but i don’t know how a front end or which component has the front items for each life cycle purpose other than whats given to load at default.

I do know i can Uncomment in the code items to make them active for the web app is one thing but then i may need help Locating the components to modify, if certain lines in certain boilerplate components is another thing which is to get familiar with WHAT component is meant for what. If i can identify what and where then i can follow instructions, Youtube has been helpful to some point.

But i assume there is something more that i may need to learn or know in the curriculum of setting up or combining Web developed components to successful loading in browser (localhost testing first). I already have the main ethereum nft marketplace setup and loads in the browser. I’ll make a STAKE route or link page But i need to ask where or what template component helps load the front end to the Staking page elements, buttons, entry amounts the user can enter from what the wallet has available for their tokens ready or purchased, then to show or setup how much they earn, button or active area that appear when they can harvest or withdrawl the earnings but which may stop their earnings if they do that.

Hey! I know ahead of time my answer will not be that lengthy :slight_smile: But I’ll try to have few things cleared up to have you running your project.

I believe in this case, you will need to drill deeper than just understanding the boilerplate itself. Plus, approaching all of your accomplishments will need a solidity contract to execute these features not just moralis boilerplate.

For example, Reflex token has the staking feature and you can see they have two separate contracts, one for BEP-20 token, and other for staking feature. Check this

I know this is not probably what you are looking for 100%, but at least it will give the idea to get started.

Keep in mind, I always advise (without responsibility) to review the open ledger of bsc and see other projects and check their contracts and if they have any open source projects (nothing wrong with this) and start from their.

Every one started at some point and everyone felt lost somewhere :wink:

Best of luck to you!

Sounds great Ty. And i COULD copy paste this into a .SOL file and test it within REMIX correct?
Then Just modify it? I am still learning about how Stake solidity contracts or where within it describes how an dhow much is distributed to the staker and the network or the host offering the staking? I lost the youtube video i had on this and curious if theres one out there that described tutorial on how to setup that contracy so it distributes based on amounts to collaborative contracts BUT wait collab contracts are technically different from staking. Collabs are more teams who want a piece of the earnings from sold tokens or NFT’s…

Also i need a bunch or a couple test NFT’s for this BEP-20, is there any NFT faucets lol? So that they would appear in the webpage for this marketplace but i do have my own custom basic token BEP-20 solidity deployed to BSC test network in my wallet.

For this, I know you can use Moralis and OpenSea testnet (NFT faucets) to deploy your own NFT (FREE)

Yes you can copy this and test your .sol. However, you can review other staking sol to learn more how to develop what you are looking for. This is a list of 118 staking contracts, review, explore, learn and build .

OK So i added Polygon Test Mumbai Network to my MM. With Added Faucet 1.0 Matic to It.
You’re Saying I can Use OpenSea with this Polygon testnet and use their NFT faucet to test for just appearance or display on OpeanSea’s marketplace platform only correct? Or are you saying i can get facuet NFT"s from that network or opensea then to test them to appear on my own web app with this boilerplate as I have loaded, but just use that MM test network?

One thing i’ll mention: I dont really know how it would render on front end if when I find a basic Staking Contract Function that I like and works with a custom token pair of my own, unless maybe i just follow the links through bscscan to their token website to see how its actually working front user interface with the look or flow on their front end. And of course testing in Remix only shows its working with feedback info correct? so this means ultimately i have to see it tested on my own web app page if it works and appear correctly. I’ll have to get down into the nitty gritty to test it on my own page. If i can identity components in a boilerplate and solidity contract then i could get into a groove. Maybe i can get into this groove faster with a tutorial or couple lessons from a source? I was never a developer, but i was also web designer, and some web development but not Software Developer, but its now convenient that my position is riding on the fence so it makes sense with Web technology or design to now learn and go with my skills or dabbling experience to go with the flow of web app development.

If I undertsand correctly, now you are looking to build your marketplace on Polygon or BSC? If you are sure you need to work with polygon, then move on with OpenSea, if not; then BSC NFT Marketplace is a White Label NFT Marketplace developed in the BSC blockchain network. (Not on OpenSea)

It seems you are trying to have many actions at the same time, so I am very sure you need someone to develop your own solidity contract with functions you can call through your dapp, since just using some one’s contract is not ideal (in your case) because you are asking for functions that I don’t know if you can find them in one contract.

OpenSea is marketplace ready to use, as long as you create your NFT, you are ready to go live.
When you use boilerplate, you are creating your own opensea (basically).

Check this out:

No sorry but to clarify myself this entire project for now is all BSC, i was asking that because you responded with this here “(For this, I know you can use Moralis and OpenSea testnet (NFT faucets) to deploy your own NFT (FREE))” above which threw me off a little but i was asking if those certain thoughts I had about getting test NFT’s do they have any way of helping with my goals in the moralis dapp boilerplate on BSC and Staking and if those test NFT’s can be made to appear on the moralis dapp boilerplate nft marketplace front end for BSC if they are from opensea test net polygon? But i realized no they cannot because whats on Polygon testnet is entirely different from my BSC goals. :slight_smile: But i still want some test NFT"s on bsc so i can get them to appear on my web app page for testing.

Exactly thats the goal with mine, i dont want opensea right now i want basically my own custom personal website.

I like this. It shows all its functions here:

and, im trying to find the Basic BSC Token or ICO solidity contract on BSCscan is it just called Reflex if this Staking contract is called ReflexStaking. Any clue if their contract is consolidated for basic selling tokens into one with the Staking function? or is there a seperate contract for general toking buying?

@Cedro Here is the status of where I am with the Moralis opensea clone

, what component allows my custom token smart contract to function and get rid of this message on the screen? Which component also is regards to the ABI smart contract, I assume this ABI smart contract is referring to my contract which links back earnings to goto o my MM wallet when or if NFT’s are sold or listed and collected by my wallet or transactions sold to other buyers?
Is there a video that shows the next step regards to this message : “No Smart Contract Details Provided. Please deploy smart contract and provide address + ABI in the MoralisDappProvider.js file”(?)

@Cedro Also is it true that i have to enter the smart contract address here of the NFT collection if its for example all NFT’s that are from my own collection I create if its on the BSC smart contract, then i would need to replace this address: addr with the actual Smart Contract address?

Moralis starting Template: but replace it with for example shown further below here…

Replace with (example if its my own NFT collection i use the collection address or which address did he actually enter in there?

I can’t really tell what’s going on since I don’t see the code of the project. You can review this and see where you are going with your project:

After you review the above thread, and you are sure you took the right steps creating your contract. You need to add your contract address and your ABI to this file

After doing so, the message should disappear.

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@Cedro Oh wow so it’s possible you helped give me some eye openers. So I’ll process through that tutorial for BSC and so where im at with it or how far i get with it. Thanks so much brother.

To be honest, I thing the best way to help maneuver this project is by learning the basics and try to search google in different ways. As I am not working on this project, I can’t really be the best person to help you build this out, but I am more than happy to assist along the run. Use moralis YT channel and moralis documentation

@Cedro ,

Yes I agree, and so far sounds good. Also can Moralis Website Boilerplate use the Solana or Luna(Terra) Network yet? I am wanting to have to option as well as soon as possible.
Which link or when will i need to update my stack or modification to template via youtube for this?