BSC account balance issue

Hi Team,
I have been trying to fetch data through api : account/erc20/balances for bsc chain and mainnet.
I have tried with postman and also through moralis interface that is deep index api.
I have also passed jwt as mentioned in the doc.
Http response is 200 that seems the request is correct and that the api has accepted it. However, the response is with an empty array or an object that shows [ ].
Is there anything else I am missing or need to look at it or do I need to enable anything at my end or on the server?


Oh My Bad!!!.. It is resolved. I was trying to look out for an address which had only native token balance and not the rest. May be thats the reason why it returned empty arraylist object.

Just a suggestion instead of having 2 different api to handle native token balance and for rest of the token different api. we can have a single api which will eventually return atleast native token balance along with others if any. Just a thought. May be this will add in a bit additional process behind the scene.

Thanks again.

Anything can happen.

Happy building :sunglasses: