Brave browser freeze after Moralis authentication

Recently, Brave browser freezing after Moralis authentication(via Metamask).
I think it can be Brave specific problem because there is not any problem on Chrome but i can use Brave without any problem before.

Package versions;
“moralis”: “1.11.0”,
“react-moralis”: “1.4.0”,

I re-started the Moralis server and re-installed Metamask but issue still exists.
I can’t see any “error” on the developer console btw, it looks fine.
Any help please?

you have to close the browser after that?

what is the last action that happens before it freezes? you sign the transaction, you make a request to the server, you authenticate, you do something else after you authenticate?

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No, i just have to close localhost tab.
I didn’t do something anything else after authentication.
When i authenticated, web page is freezing…

Maybe something is in an infinite loop?

But it works on Chrome without any problem.
And there is no error/warning on console too.

Maybe you can add some logging to see where it gets with the execution.