Boilerplate nft ETH help

Hi there community,

I am a lone developer who needs help. I dont understand what i need to do for this step? perhaps it is so easy that this is a stupid question. could someone help me with the setup for the nft boilerplate?

:mag_right: Locate the MoralisDappProvider in src/providers/MoralisDappProvider/MoralisDappProvider.js and paste the deployed marketplace smart contract address and ABI

const [contractABI, setContractABI] = useState(); const [marketAddress, setMarketAddress] = useState();

Could you share the link that youre following? I would be easier to help

as far as i can tell you have to do this

const [contractABI, setContractABI] = useState(paste contract abi here); 
const [marketAddress, setMarketAddress] = useState('paste contract address here');

where can i find contractabi and contract address?
is that my own metamask wallet address?

No you have to put in the smart contract address and ABI you want to use for this boilerplate. You usually get the ABI from your own contracts when developing or they’re sometimes available on chain explorers for verified contracts other people have made.

You can look at another tutorial for making your own collections such as this. Generate NFTs with this simple code (this could make you millions) PART 1 - YouTube