Blockchain Browsing Development

Hello all, I joined this forum as an asset to me as I begin to learn blockchain development. I am aware of the philosophy of blockchain technology and have been a big proponent of it since I first learned about it in depth in 2018. My background is more of a traditional developer and cybersecurity researcher, but I want to begin developing applications/services on the blockchain due to the absence of corporate overhead and a positive community for developers to get creative. My question is whether or not people have developed something like a browser or a search engine on top of blockchain infrastructure. More specifically, is it plausible to use the blockchain to host something like a web server, utilize HTTPS, and form a decentralized internet concept?

If anyone has any guidance or resources to point me toward that would be appreciated.

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Hi @jah
There are projects similar to what you are looking for. You cant host a webserver but you can host a code. You can use chainlink oracles to read web2 data on an onchain web3 contract.
Read more on how EVM, IPFS, ICP technology works.