Block reorganization in Moralis Streams

Hi there!
I am building a webhook to use Moralis Streams (it is great!), but I do not know how is the behavior of the stream when a block reorganization occurs.
Let me show an example:
I receive a webhook for the block 100 with confirmed: false, but then a block reorganization occurs and this block changes. So, what would be the behavior of the stream in this case? Then I would receive a webhook with confirmed: true for the block 100, but with different payload?

I need to clarify this flow to handle the scenario correctly in our backend.

Thanks in advance.


You will receive the webhook request with confirmed true later after 100 blocks have passed, the confirmed true webhook requests are sent after 100 blocks have confirmed current block, if a reorg happened before 100 blocks then the confirmed true webhook will have the info from after the reorg


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