Bitcoin Revolution

Hello to all my companions from the world of cryptocurrency.

I’m Scrooge, you’re probably wondering who I am? But you should sooner wonder who I’m going to become.

Bitcoin and the cryosphere are under attack from all sides, by men and whales who are gorging themselves by manipulating the market price as it suits them.

The distribution of wealth and power is as follows:

  • The poor consume
  • The middle classes save
  • The rich invest

In the crypto world, for the first time in history, the poor can invest. The power gap maintained by the dollar between the rich and the poor can therefore be made up. But above all everyone has a chance.

As far as Bitcoin is concerned, unlike the dollar, you can’t create as much as you want if you need to create inflation. Bitcoin has no master, it is a community and can only be modified collectively.
This makes it a real safe haven currency.

Bitcoin also guarantees total anonymity in a world of global order where hyper surveillance and prostitution of our data and personal life are the sinews of war.

It has many other advantages unlike the dollar which only benefits the banks and the rich you all know.

I want from the depths of my heart to promote to the general public our universe and our weapon “bitcoin” to deliver us from our chains. To be able to bring another point of view than the one of the TV channels and journalists corrupted by the beast.

How can we do this? For my part I take it through the political art but not any … I use our own blockchain system: that of the NFT.

I am not interested in wealth and glory, far from it. I wish above all to open the eyes of the world! That’s why I count on the support and love of all the true children of freedom and cryptocurrency.

Together we will win.

I haven’t released my first NFT yet but you will find attached my profile picture and my banner to show you my creative style.

End of the report.


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