Best way to check if a Solana NFT is from certain collection?

Hey, I’m wondering what the best way is to check if an NFT is from a certain collection. An idea that came to mind is to create the NFTs from a different wallet and then check if that NFT’s creator wallet address is equal to that one. Is there a better way that someone could recommend?

Hey @trevdev, unfortunately we don’t have such API yet at the moment, but it might be added later in the future :raised_hands:

Hi @trevdev, I am trying to solve the same problem at the moment. I thought about the same solution however I have noticed that some especially large collections may have different creators. It is probably going to work for most of the collections but there will be exceptions. Also other properties like update authority etc. has the same issue. It is probably best to check the names but then some replicated nfts might collapse. It really depends on what you are trying to do. If you are trying to build some simple app for yourself names could work but if you are trying to build a professional app it won’t work.

Then you should probably examine the whole collection and gather all different creators from their metadata and compare and check if the creator of your NFT is one of them.