BEP20 Token Rewards Checker. Moralis Developer needed!

Hi everyone. I’m desperately in a need of a skilled Moralis developer who could help me out with a basically simple Token Rewards checker.

Here are two sites that has this feature and we would like to implement the same thing into our site:

The idea is that we’re going to reward our holders in BEP20 Tokens. We start with BUSD rewards at first but planning to change the Reward token based on community votings.

Could someone write this for us? I’m not sure if this is the right place to look for a dev, but I don’t know where to ask.

What I need is:
Native Token Balance: (The exact balance of our coin the Holder has)
Paid Reward: (In our case its BUSD) The total paid reward balance the holder got from our contract, not the wallet balance. Paid in the specified BEP20 token.

Awaiting Payment: How much BUSD reward payment awaits the holder in the contract. Don’t know how to calculate it.

Total Rewards: Sum of all Paid and Awaiting BUSD rewards
Total Distributed: Sum of all Paid rewards in BUSD

Is it possible to develop an interface for 4 different BEP20 rewards with a Slider or drop down menu where the user can select which BEP20 Reward amount he want’s to check?

Please message me or comment here and we’re willing to pay for your precious service ASAP. Thank you!

Hey @AvrBen you can go to Moralis Discord channel to post this job post in #job-offers-hire-devs