Beginer question

Would like to know how to properly set my enviroment.
After following “Building dApp in 3 mins”
I realized Im working on main ethereum chain … and I think I can not do much here.
Could you please provide some light here ?
My and my team are learning about moralis and also blockchain in general so ;
What is the best way we can “play” togheter sending and receibing values , tockens , and so?
Have also following beginer questions:
Why the login button always launch metamask wallet ?.
What is the function of metamask in the moralis stack?
Is it possible to select other ? (perhaps I dont need other)

Thanks !

You can use Ganache for local dev chain at the beginning, then you can use a testnet network like bsc testnet for example where you can use bnb from a faucet. And at the end you can go to mainnet.
It opens MetaMask because it is the easiest to use, but you can use more wallets in the future with wallet connect if needed.

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Excelent !!
Thanks for your answer.

You can also look at this tutorial: