Batch API calls question

I am currently working with the getNFTLowestPrice endpoint, but I have several contract address I would like to call simultaneously. Is there any way to batch all of these calls into one? Or do I have to loop over a list of the contract addresses and make individual calls for each address?

Any help or info is greatly appreciated!

you will have to make individual calls

So I was just working on calling them simultenously using an array of promises and then waiting for once for all the promises:

(see this link here for description:

Seems like this is gonna work but I am getting rate limited. I assume upgrading to production server will solve the rate limiting issue?

You can use a for so that you don’t run them in parallel. You can upgrade to a plan that has more request per second. Upgrading a server will not increase that number of requests per second, that one is a different type of upgrade.

Additionally, I am finding that the getNFTLowestPrice endpoint seems to be a bit buggy right now. Sometimes it will return valid info and other times it says that no lower price can be found.

Is this due to the endpoint still being new, or is something else going on?

you could increase the time frame from that query

you can create a separate thread with example where it doesn’t seem to return the expected data

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