Bad Things I've Been Up To -- by JohnRRaymond


As the great library begins it first rollout, I’ve decided to press all the buttons and make sure that I’ve done all the moralis things. First things last was making this forum account. Luckily, I’ve made some memes which include Moralis, so I’m good on that second most important front.

Early on, I decided I’d make a regular vanilla nft marketplace to underlie my books. It would be easy and fun and simple. And with Moralis it was only mostly a lie. However, from the look of it, seem I could have been much worse even though I was on dev servers all the way–even when I was on polygon mainnet. Don’t judge me. I didn’t realize how hard it was going to be back then and how badly we needed test nets.

Well, now the site is slowly migrating from fuji to avalanche c-chain and we still haven’t paid for production moralis yet. We are working on the credit card information. I swear, guys, we are getting to it.

I’ve logged into discord… but if I am I forgetting anything other than shilling my own site address please let me know.

Thank you,

John R Raymond