Bad Request Error on useNativeBalance with Hardhat Local Chain

I’m using the hook useNativeBalance like this:

const { getBalances, data, nativeToken, error, isLoading } = useNativeBalance({ chain : "0x7A69" });

However I’m getting this error: “Failed to load resource: the server responded with a status of 400 (Bad Request)”
If I change the chain to Mumbai for example, it works fine. It only happens with the hardhat local chain. The error also occurs when setting {chain: “31337”}
I’m using metamask, if that matters. I also am running the devchain proxy server, and Moralis says the status is “connected”

web3api doesn’t work with local dev chain

Oh, ok. Any plans to add support in the near future?

Also, to make sure I understand correctly, the only way to develop if our dapp uses the web3api is to connect it to a testnet, like rinkeby or mumbai?

You can set a parameter for web3api calls to use any other chain like mumbai, eth, bsc. It will not work with local devchain. There are no plans for support in the near future for local devchain and web3api.

May I ask what’s the rationale behind that choice? IMO it would be incredibly useful to be able to test everything locally, much faster than using a “remote” testnet

it is not easy to make web3api work with a local devchain, there are a lot of processings done in web3api behind the scenes to make it work

Ok, but then what would be the use cases of connecting the local dev chain to moralis? Like what can I do that doesnt use the web3api?

You can do everything that’s not related to web3 api. Sync contract event, authenticate, speak to the contract and others