AWS Elastic Beanstalk deployment issue

  1. Do we need to add the Serverless Framework to our project. And if yes, which of the steps after installing the module is obligatory?
    on the AWS Elastic Beanstalk
    Complete AWS Integration prerequisites section, it leads to a page explaining how to embed api requests to lambda, we are pretty lost with this part, do we need only the integration to AWS part? so how it takes affect?
  2. The manual ( says to use Public S3 URL, can we just download the archive with the project?
  3. if you can archive, we need the archive without nodemodules, as when publishing to git, or the archive with all the files and modules.

P.S. This is the log file from the deployment

The error message in the logs says about missing node js version in package.json. Is it something you missed to include?

How exactly can I specify it?

You can mention it like this.

"engines" : { 
    "node" : ">=14.0.0 <17.0.0"


In the AWS prerequisite docs node version is mentioned under serverless.yml too. So you can also make sure to match the version with it.