Automatic minting image NFTs?

Newbie here… Trying to understand how I’d be able to do the following process. A HTML page with image upload field. Choose an image and then the code behind the scenes would upload the image somewhere and automatically sign the transaction using the hardcoded owner wallet address to fully mint the image NFT (probably on Polygon). All the sample tutorials I am finding seem to require a Metamask login within this process. Can this be done with Moralis and could anyone point me in the right direction? Thanks!

If using HTML, this won’t be secure enough with this process because the private keys will be required to do the job, you can do that with nodejs rather

Right, but nodejs would still be interacting with the HTML form. That’s what I meant by “code behind the scenes”. I just don’t see examples of how nodejs can do the part I need, transactions, etc.

You will need to pass this data (e.g. image link) from your frontend e.g. your HTML form to a backend such as Node.js in this case.

You would use ethers.js/web3.js on this Node backend with your private key in order to sign transactions for your wallet. This is where you can do the image uploading as well.

If I were to do this with MATIC, could I use the matic.js library instead?

I guess you could but it looks like matic.js just uses ethers.js or web3.js under the hood anyway.

Otherwise you just set your node or provider URL to a Polygon one, which represents your connection to a particular blockchain.

Ok, thanks. Will continue reading up on web3.js then first.