Auto logged in after sign up

Hi, When I successfully sign up (create) a user using username and password, I then get logged in with that new user. I lose my current logged in session and the newly created user is now the logged in user (this is not cool at all). I am so surprised why this is the case. Definitely an unwanted thing and I would love to know how to not let that happen. I want to stay logged in as my current user and not replace it with the new signed up user. Any help would be great. Thanks

I don’t understand exactly the use case. You want to create a lot of users programmatically?

Thanks for your reply. So I have a Dapp in which I am logged in using credentials for a user that I created in the past. Moralis logs me in successfully using the authenticate by username and password. In this Dapp I have the ability to create more users so they can log in and use the Dapp. When I create (sign up) another user then it is successfully created but the current user changes to the newly signed up user. I want to keep the current user and keep creating users from my Dapp without shifting the current user to the newly signed up user. I hope that makes sense.

You may be able to use some script to create those new users

Sorry I think I may not have explained properly. Imagine you have a Dapp which is an Admin system and you create companies and users for those companies from that admin system so that they can log in and do their operations. Its a very common scenario and I expect that you should be able to do it from a user interface. If I have to use a script, it completely undoes the purpose of the Admin UI system (Dapp)

Can you do that from a cloud function? And call the cloud function from the interface?

Thanks for highlighting that. I think that might work because then its session free and I can use master key to deal with ACL. I will give it a try and let you know. Apparently shouldnt be an issue.