authentication / auto-signing - server-side

Guys. I need to access, on the server side, functions of a contract that need signature/authorization from a specific address (owner of the contract). I want to do this automatically, on the server side. The question is how to make this authentication/signature of the proprietary wallet automatically, through the backend. Can you help me in which direction/study to follow?

You will have to know how to use a private key in order to sign a transaction, you will need that private key, you will also have to know how to make a transaction, and also how to use a speedy node where the transaction will be sent after it is signed.
You will also need the ABI for that smart contract and it’s address in order to call a function.

Right. The question I’m stuck with is the use of the private key. In the moralis SDK is there any way I can make use of a private key to sign the server-side transaction? As I understand it, for security reasons, this is not possible. Everything else I think I can do.

Hi @ique

You can use default web3 methods.

const web3 = Moralis.enableWeb3();

If you provide us more info regarding use case we can suggest the best way :man_factory_worker: