Auth API not working

I’m trying to use this Auth API from Moralis

But as soon as I add the first instructions, I have this error:

ERROR in ./src/App.js 17:15-27
export 'createClient' (imported as 'createClient') was not found in 'wagmi' (possible exports: ChainMismatchError, ChainNotConfiguredError, ConfigChainsNotFound,```

here is the app.js I got at this moment:

import { createClient, configureChains, WagmiConfig } from ‘wagmi’;
import { publicProvider } from ‘wagmi/providers/public’;
import { mainnet } from “wagmi/chains”;

import Signin from ‘./signin’;
import User from ‘./user’;

const { provider, webSocketProvider } = configureChains([mainnet], [

const client = createClient({
autoConnect: true,

const router = createBrowserRouter([
path: ‘/signin’,
element: ,
path: ‘/user’,
element: ,

function App() {
return (


Probably not updated from the latest version of wagmi
and please note that I have followed the tutorial to "create a react dapp", with the balance, which is working well

Please help me!!

Hello, what is the error, the error is in front end (react) or in backend?

I guess that this is the error and is in front end

Maybe this helps

Thanks @cryptokid for your answer
Yes, this is the error I got in front-end

From this:
I concluded that I need to change createClient into createConfig

So use it like this:

function App() {
  return (
    <WagmiConfig config={config}>
      <RouterProvider router={router} />

And here is my situation right now:

but when I click:

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