Asking anyone who has followed this tutorial on NFT Marketplace creation

See the site link and screenshots attached below. The issue I am having is why the “Menus” are not clickable? I am under the impression it is suppose to be Menu-links. But for some reason I can’t get them to be clickable (perform actions).

I think the buttons appear along with the NFT’s.

You need to own a NFT on the NFT smart contract or there should be some NFT’s on the marketplace smart contract that are on sale. So you can see the buttons.

oh I see. So there has to be some NFTs already minted and available for the buttons to be activated. Otherwise the menus will simply remain as a texts (without links)…

And the minted NFTs has to be linked to a smart contract thats the same as the marketplace, correct? Thank you for the answer.

NFT contract will be different from Marketplace contract.
Using the marketplace contract you will be able to sell/buy NFTs from different NFT contracts.