Are things falling off the IPFS?

Files seem to disappear off of the IPFS
[I don’t think this is a Moralis Problem, I can’t reach it through other gateways either]
This one for example, I’m sure it was there a while ago

Anyone else experiencing any such weirdness?

it looks like it works for me now

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Woohoo it’s back! :partying_face:
Thanks kid :pray:t2:
Probably just need you to click it

Hi cryptokid
Sorry I’m such a nuisance, but can you maybe click these for me as well :slight_smile:
I’m just using these for testing and they keep disappearing. maybe now that I post them here IPFS will take them more seriously

I swear I’m not messing with you! 504 504 504

Thanks :wink:

Hey @niknak

Those pics work for me correctly. I was able to see cute dinosaurs :t_rex: :sauropod:


Cool. I get them now too. Thanks :pray:t2:

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