Archive nodes are slow, atleast 200 blocks behind always

am using Moralis archive node for indexing with graph protocol. So am connecting graph node to Moralis archive node and indexing the events. But it is always behind by atleast 200 blocks. This affects us, as we need historical data as well as latest data from our contracts. Please help.

what chain in particular? on bsc we are behind since few days ago

It is on bsc. when can this issue be resolved ?

I don’t have an exact estimate now for when it will be resolved for bsc archive nodes

ok please update here when it is resolved

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@cryptokid any update on this ?

now bsc archive should be up to date with latest block, I checked now

I keep getting these errors while using archive nodes for indexing subgraph of graph protocol,

Possible reorg detected, retrying, id: QmVPpe1pQRdyjbvGui9aig5xCannPBGLcozNF7C5AXGvkT, error: "Failed to process trigger in block #10879919 (aea90c258307a23a718151380a1f58a58d847e68cb93e4faa3969e90cfb43415), transaction 4a7f00223a8486ec87366657631063fe870a2c3e6823cefb9260dffb6acdec8a", subgraph_id: QmVPpe1pQRdyjbvGui9aig5xCannPBGLcozNF7C5AXGvkT, component: SubgraphInstanceManager

WARN Trying again after eth_call RPC call failed (attempt #10) with result Err(Web3Error(Rpc(Error { code: ServerError(-32000), message: "missing trie node 93232afd4bdb7d835ed25c05b6f8df59c23f44ab433b1adfafaf2bd62786c12a (path )", data: None }))), runtime_host: 1/1, block_hash: 0xaea90c258307a23a718151380a1f58a58d847e68cb93e4faa3969e90cfb43415, block_number: 10879919, subgraph_id: QmVPpe1pQRdyjbvGui9aig5xCannPBGLcozNF7C5AXGvkT, component: SubgraphInstanceManager

This should not happen with archive nodes

@cryptokid can you look into this ?

hello @cryptokid,
did you get a chance to look into this? archive nodes should not throw reorg issue. we are facing this quite a long time, it is syncing the same block infinite times and throwing this error. and node is not syncing further

Is there a simple way to duplicate this error?