Aptos NFT Transactions API

I am having a problem while accessing Get Account transactions api for “APTOS” chain

It is giving empty array/no data even if the paramaters, header values and account value are correct.

Here are some aptos mainnet accounts to test the api:

  • 0xc46dd298b89d38314b486b2182a6163c4c955dce3509bf30751c307f5ecc2f36
  • 0xf3778cf4d8b6d61ab3d79c804797ef7417e258449d2735b0f405e604b81f7916
  • 0x43ec2cb158e3569842d537740fd53403e992b9e7349cc5d3dfaa5aff8faaef2

Can somebody help me?

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Hi @paawan

Can you please share the API endpoint and all the param values you are using in your code?

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