API to get price for Tokenids of an contract address

Hello Team

Can you please assist with sharing API information , which can assist in fetching the current price for a Token id.

For example : Contract Address - 0x0fFa87CD27Ae121b10B3F044DDA4D28F9fB8F079 Token Id : - 1013 . if you can help in sharing API which can assist in fetching the current price for the above contract address Token id

There is getnfttrades function that gives the NFT prices based on the trades from the marketplace.


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Hello John

Thank you for sharing the information , however it looks like it fetch data from Open Sea .

is there any API which assist in fetching price from other market places?

Currently, the getnfttrades only support the Opensea marketplace.

Which marketplace are you looking for?

Hello John

Basically along with Open Sea , I am looking for below market places
Lootex , tofunft , galler.io , killerbox ,chimera.

One more query I have , the price what we get is last sale price , does this API not capture current price of the tokenids

I have an untested idea to get the prices from these marketplace contracts.
Usually, all the marketplace contracts will have a contract function/event to check the nft price of the listed tokens. If those are available for these marketplaces then you can get the price data using those.

By current price do you mean the new sell/bid price?
If yes, you need to use marketplace-specific API to get that data directly from the marketplace. Moralis currently has this support for opensea through opensea plugin.

Check the Get orders function in this doc, using which you can the current order bids from the opensea.