Api throttling in production


I am trying to access make parallel calls and I am getting request time and account is getting throttled. Here is the code I am tryign to use in javascript to retreive multiple transactions receipts at the same time, We are having a premium account with dedicated node I think

// Make parallel calls
const res = await Promise.all(transactions.map(async trx => {
const url = MORALIS_BASE_URL+ transaction/${trx.transaction_hash};
const resp = await fetch(url);
return resp.text();

You have a limit in how many requests you can make per second/minute

We have a premium account, and I am only trying to do 50 concurrent requests


You should have a specific error message about the limit that you hit.

Where from are you making those requests? What do you have as

Rate Limiting error = 429

ok, that should mean that there was a rate limit because of too many requests in a short period of time to the API

can you print complete http response with http headers when you get that error?