API slow to index transactions

Hey guys, i have an ERC721 contract deployed on Rinkeby and i’m using the “Gets NFTs owned by the given address” API call on it. It takes about 3 minutes for any newly minted tokens to get indexed on it. Is this on account of it being on Rinkeby, is it a caching thing or does it only update every 3 mins? Or is there any way to speed this up?

Hi, if you mint 3 nfts on a 1 minute interval how fast do you get each of those 3 nfts if you query every 30 seconds?

They each come in at pretty much exactly a 3 min delay from being minted. They don’t come in together, they come in individually 3 mins from mint.

From your description is sounds like the sync has a 3 minutes delay now, I don’t think that it is intentional. Today is the first time when you observed or you tested today for the first time?

Not the 1st time no. Was using it with a different contract a few weeks ago and it was exactly the same. I assumed that it just took that long to index or cache. So it not supposed to take this long?

Moralis indexes tokens to the database after a certain number of blocks, I don’t remember the exact number.

Ok so it could be reasonable to assume that because it is Rinkeby the blocks are mined slower so it takes a bit longer?

I just checked how fast are blocks mined on Rinkeby and it looks like a block is mined approximately every 15 seconds on Rinkeby.

@highrankin, we found out that on Rinkeby in particular the index is done every 12 blocks, and that is why you see it after 3 minutes.

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