API not working to fetch NFT token attributes

The API /NFT/{address}/{token_id} is not working. When I am trying to fetch, it takes very long time and returns server error. Happening since today.

On Moralis Web, it gives this error:

**Failed to fetch.**
**Possible Reasons:**

* Network Failure
* URL scheme must be "http" or "https" for CORS request.

Please look into this as soon as possible.

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on what chain it doesn’t work?

On the Binance Smart Chain (BSC).

ok, we are going to investigate, thanks for reporting

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Okay! Thank you. Please update when it gets resolved.

I just noticed that other NFT APIs are also not working such as NFTs held by a wallet address, etc.

yes, it looks like NFT related endpoints don’t work now on BSC chain in particular

for PK: 0x5B93FF82faaF241c15997ea3975419DDDd8362c5

Chugs for a while then gives this error on ETH

Hi yes that address just hangs until 504: Gateway time-out on eth. Thanks for reporting.


it works now, thanks for reporting

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