API is retuning an empty result for the trades of an NFT contract

Hi there!

I’ve been experimenting with the Rest API and it’s working out great so far! I noticed a strange result for a specific request though. If I call this request, I get an empty response back:


I use the same request with a dozen other addresses and they all work just fine, but this one doesn’t. I checked the address and should really be correct. It’s the address of the Beepos project (on Opensea).

Am I doing something wrong that I’m overlooking?


at a first look it looks like a NFT contract that doesn’t follow the NFT standards

Ah, that is interesting. It’s unfortunate that we won’t be able to gather the data from this contract, but it seems that is not Moralis’ fault :slight_smile:

Thank you!

now we also included that smart contract

Hi Cryptokid, thank you very much for the effort, the trades api response is still empty for me though?

Hey,do you somehow specify chain ? try another address as this address doesn’t have any nft trades on the ethereum mainnet, and it erc20 nft contract which maybe weird.
you can try this address on the mumbai testnet to see the trades

We will investigate why it doesn’t return anything. For now I think that it is related to a recent update on opensea smart contracts.