API EndPoint SYNC ERC721-1155

Hello, I have this collection : 0xb1b1889e03b691c3d1083a1884a0a205845b493d

My address : 0x629e715dB365FdBac0a61330cbF256237dcCDcB9

I have 8 NFT from this contract but API of Moralis return only 5 NFT

The API Endpoint {address}/nft/{token_address} return only 5 NFT

And the Endpoint nft/{address}/sync return “this is not a valid ERC-721/ERC-1155 contract”


on what chain it is, what type of contract it is?
what is an example of an NFT that it is missing?

Hi, On Rinkeby

It’s a ERC-721 contract


This NFT is missing

Any news ? This is a bug ?

we’ll have to investigate more

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Hi, i can’t use your product in production if you can’t sync NFT’s less than 2 days haha.

The API sync with old NFT but not new NFT like him


edit : the API doesnt work at all haha. He never sync in a good way

Any news ? I cant build :frowning:

can you try on a different chain?

You dont do this ? Wtf

I try with this account 0x9af756e7be065dca83674ec17f3703579a544da1

6.6K NFT on Opensea

25 with you API …

we are going to fix it, I don’t have un update now

what was the query that you used to get those 25?

what is 0x9af756e7be065dca83674ec17f3703579a544da1 address in particular?

I used /address/nft

I just pick random address on Opensea where NFT are on Polygon

I dont have many address on many blockchain with many NFT to do you work

it looks like that address in particular is the address of a smart contract and not of a nft owner address

@Sebastienbellanger01, can you check now if everything looks ok?

Now that token with id 1132 is returned by web3api.

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