API Endpoint for Other Marketplaces

  1. From knowing the collection’s address, You’re able to get NFT owners, and NFT metadata, and probably the token price.
    Yet, there is a function in Opensea which is by passing parameter of the collection’s slug (e,g, CryptoKitties will be “cryptokitties”), it will retrieve the whole collection data, and now I can’t find a similar function (API endpoint) in the documentation in https://deep-index.moralis.io/api-docs. Starting from scratch, sometimes we only have the name or the slug of the collection, but how do we reverse search the address by its name?

  2. If we are going to list out the collections, we should get the list of the NFT Collection addresses, but there are thousands of them and I think it is not possible to get all of them, so let’s narrow it what if I want to get the list of the top 300 Collections ranked by volume, how can I achieve that and by which API call?
    Such as:

  3. If I want to see the top buyer with the most volume, can we fetch that directly with ascending or descending method?

For me it looks like this is what OpenSea implements in their backend in order to show those stats per collection. This requires to process all data that is available on chain and to keep track on what owners have for every collection. I don’t think that Moralis has this processing done now in its backend.