API calls very Slow

HI all,

why when call API REST response is very slow ? For example : etc balance or bsc balance i have response in 7/10 seconds.

Thanks for help


yeah man its too slow. I feel like crying lol

which chain btw

BSC and ETH, same problem…

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so its Moralis issue and not a particular chain

Team Moralis, please look into this :cry:

Yes, it’s Moralis problem. How i can speedy API request ?
Question for Staff

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Hi @minisatoshi @keecoin

We know about this problem and already working on solving it

can I think this is a problem that will be solved shortly?

also noticed it on Matic chain

We don’t know exactly how fast will get fixed

We are on it, hope to fix asap

do you still have this issue?

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yep, i do. Now its even slower it seems than earlier.

ok will be fixed soon

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@Shine please try

we are growing so fast, trying to keep up with scaling
sorry for disruption

Yep, facing the same issue across all users on my app right now -

Hoping for a quick & easy resolution for the issue! :slight_smile:

Exactly the same issue here :frowning:

which call? please post the request

getNativeBalance, that is the method that I am using, sometimes works, sometimes don’t