Anybody can help on this issue of ReactDOM.render?

I checked my code, there is no any this kind of code, why console always concern this error?

Hello can you look at this topic for the solution.

Or How to Upgrade to React 18 – React Blog (

Thanks, but the problem is, there is no any code related in the word of render


I am using next js

I see, can you update to all the latest versions? It should be fine with a base install like that.

React 18: Overview | Next.js (

Yes, I used yarn add next@latest react@latest react-dom@latest

changed to

console warning, still there

and my versions like below:


Maybe the root cause is, I am using yarn dev to start the application, then access http://localhost:3000 in the navigation address?

update -

Now, I think, this will lead to moralis issue of ‘Module not found: Can’t resolve ‘@solana/web3.js’ in ‘/frontend/bcProject/moralis/moralis-dashboard6/node_modules/@web3auth/solana-provider/dist’’

No that should be fine.

I noticed you said “console always concern this error”, is this from an existing project that was using an older version? You may need to migrate everything over to a new project. You can test this first by making another project with the latest Next.js version and making sure it runs without that error.

You can use ReactDom.root instead.

I think it the new react.
From your index.js file

Yes, I tested another project, follow ‘’, no any issue.

Ok. It shouldn’t take long to just copy everything over from your existing project. Do so in batches and test that the app keeps working without that error as you migrate everything.