Any token tracking tools? :)

Hello everyone!

I got a question about a project I’d like to build. I would love to build a webpage with a sort of token price tracker where I can list all(or most) tokens available in various exchanges (let’s say top 500 in uniswap for example), something like what coinmarketcap, cryptocompare and coingecko are doing.

Is there any tool from Moralis e.g. from the SDK that can facilitate that task? Or do I have to call the sdk for each coin specifically? I wonder how those big website are able to fetch and list all those tokens simultaneously…

I wonder if Moralis provides any tool that can be a good start for this kind of project. Thanks in advance :slight_smile:

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Hi, Moralis will help you in getting the price for those tokens.
You can watch some YouTube videos about it:

and read in our documentation about how to get the price of a token: