Any chance for a Moralis token?

Are there any thoughts for a Moralis token?

I saw that moralis got an investment recently from a VC, but it would be awesome if the community itself could fund and own moralis.

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No plans for a token from what I know now.

Could happen in the future


Other than learning to develop with Moralis (which I am currently doing), what are the other ways I can invest? What would you say (or suggest I say) to my friends who recognize how great Moralis is but don’t know what the next steps are?

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After working with it for some time I have to say Moralis is such a great product with a word-class execution team. In the true spirit of Web3, if users could participate in it, it would be a dream come true.

I assume that micro-raises with many different builder communities could potentially build a great moat for the future of Moralis.

Let’s see. In any case, whatever happens. Moralis is looking great already and it seems to have amazing future ahead of it self and we are lucky enough to witness it.

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