Another Fish or Cut Bait Conumdrum

The contracts, the UI integration to the backend, the UI itself, tweaking the position of that #$!*@ element that will not align perfectly due to weird css interactions, writing a whitepaper, getting a basic introductory web-page done enough that it isnt embarresing.

Ever have one of those moments when you are pulled in so many directions that you are paralized into inaction?

When I recoqnize that I have reached that point, again, my strategy is to lock the computer and take 10-15minutes to do a non-development related attivity. Then I pull out my todo list, scratch out finished or abandoned items, add new items I thought of (if any) and then re-asses and re-prioritize the list. These actions help me to focus again on a single task so that progress can be made.

Have you ever had the same issue - what is your strategy to overcome it?

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how about those 6 non tech projects that have become my life that I cant drop while now back into advanced web3 tech coding when I swore it off for life 15 years ago.
do I really have to micro manage every helper that shows up because nobody else seems to be able to figure it out them selves.
hold on, another confused sick person calling to prevent possible death
ok they’ll be good now.

It is harder and harder to refocus on the projects that matter most to me when I dont have a competent assistant for any of them so absolutely every detail on every side is up to me to undertake or its not done.

hold on this junior partner ive got in the usa needs hand holding to walk through the 25th label creation spec which is 2 years overdue

so my prefered stategy is....

excuse me another tech support call to walk a noob through using their atomic wallet

really wont this b.s. ever stop !
Ive got far more interesting and relevant things to do and a never ending to do list and children to run around after.

best strategy I have is to setup my brain to process it while Im taking care of something else so when I come back I can sit and let it flow .
better yet short review before bed. then next day when ever I get writing or dev follow up for any of my projects it flows easily.
brain drain, take a walk , likely need food. then easy to start again what ever is most pressing or most doable

(my language tonic helps too, but it can lead to too verbose :wink:

Enjoying sleeping on it.


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sometimes I just want to get that off my back too

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Yeah, it’s easy to get overwhelmed.

#1 Just accept that it is a tough road being a one-man-army. We play many roles.

#2 Have a work plan and stick to it. Decide how many hours to spend working each day. Once you reach an unforeseen-able point, accept it as a challenge that you do immediately.

#3 Once you make enough progress that is satisfactory, and if your work session time has expired, take a break and update your todo list.

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