Animation_url used in NFT

I am trying locate info if the animation_url can be used when creating NFTs.I want to use this so I can upload an html file so when on opensea it displays a game or whatever in an iframe instead of an image.
I. Saw where I can use moralis to log in and out of a game, but I need to actually make that file the NFT.

Is this possible.


you can make a html as nft, but making opensea to display your html may not be something possible as opensea has to implement that and they may not want to display random html content

Here is an example of one on opensea

This is on test net
This on reg opensea

So it is possible, but since I have not seen a reference here, don’t know if I can do it with moralis

This is a requirement for my app, so trying to find solution, this by far seems to be easiest option just need to be sure it can be done

It isn’t something special with Moralis about the content of the nft, you’ll have to provide that content

Does it need to be a special contract? Or can I just edit the existing example.

Also when minting, can we set prices? And can you split royalties?

this depends on how your write the smart contract, the part of how you write the smart contract doesn’t depend on Moralis

an NFT contract usually is an ERC721 or ERC1155, but there could also be standards for royalties.