Amazon clone "insufficient balance" error in console

When I press ok to make the transaction nothing happens and in the console I get a insufficient balance error, even when I have $4 worth of MATIC and I reduced the price to $0.02 for the item.


import {Select, Button, Modal, Input} from 'antd'

import {ShoppingCartOutlined} from "@ant-design/icons";

import { useState } from 'react';

import { useMoralis } from 'react-moralis';

const {Option} = Select;

function Purchase({book}) {

  const [isModalVisible, setIsModalVisible] = useState(false);

  const [delivery, setDelivery] = useState("");

  const {Moralis, account, chainId} = useMoralis();

  const handleOk = async () => {

    // Get The Price of MATIC

    const options = {

      address: "0x7D1AfA7B718fb893dB30A3aBc0Cfc608AaCfeBB0",

      chain: "eth"


    const price = await Moralis.Web3API.token.getTokenPrice(options);

    const priceMatic = book.price / price.usdPrice;


    // Send Matic to book store owenr address

    const options1 = {

      type: "native",

      amount: Moralis.Units.ETH(priceMatic),

      receiver: "0x29328d458ae44bb6b26ab0107e55e63b3c355980"


    let result = await Moralis.transfer(options1)

    //Save Transaction Details to DB

    const Transaction = Moralis.Object.extend("Transaction");

    const transaction = new Transaction();

    transaction.set("Customer", account);

    transaction.set("Delivery", delivery);




  return (


      <span className="price"> ${book.price}</span>

      <p>No Import Fees & Free Shipping Included</p>

      <h1 style={{ color: "green" }}> In Stock </h1>


      <Select defaultValue={1} style={{ width: "100%" }}>

        <Option value={1}>1</Option>

        <Option value={2}>2</Option>

        <Option value={3}>3</Option>

        <Option value={4}>4</Option>

        <Option value={5}>5</Option>


      {chainId === "0x89" &&



      style={{ width: "100%", marginTop: "50px" }}



      <ShoppingCartOutlined /> Buy Now





        title="Purchase Product"





        <div style={{ display: "flex" }}>

          <img src={book.image} alt="product" style={{ width: "200px" }}></img>




            <h4>Delivery Address</h4>

            <Input onChange={(value) => setDelivery(}></Input>







export default PurchasePreformatted text

Thanks for the help! :slight_smile:

You are using ERC20 to get the priceMatic and trying to send that as native; this will use your ETH or native balance instead.

Use these options instead for transferring your MATIC token with `Moralis.transfer.

Transfer Tokens - Moralis

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Thank you!!! I knew I was messing something up as usual :smiley: