Always Link crypto accounts to Logged In User

I can’t seem to figure out my desired workflow. Is this possible and would someone please give me some direction?

  1. User signs up at my site using username/pwd
  2. I create a Moralis/Parse user and sync login/logout so there’s always a logged in Moralis/Parse user
    So Far So Good
  3. I’d like to “attach” a bunch of crypto eth/polygon addresses to the currently logged in user. I don’t want to authenticate using the wallet which creates a NEW user. I’d like to show walletconnect QR codes for a user to SIGN with their mobile wallet. When signed, they are added to the current users bucket of addresses.

Thanks for your help!!

Have you tried linking address to user class.


I’ve managed to to get the behavior I want but leave behind an unused Moralis/Parse account in the process. Takes some fancy backend session work too. I user Moralis.authorize, grab the eth account address, unlink it from the new account, logout from the new account, log back into my users account and link it to his account. Phew. Hacky for sure. But I can’t figure out how to show a walletconnect QR code, user scans it, and I receive the eth address rather than creating a new Parse account because they havn’t seen the address before. If there’s a way, I would love to know.



maybe using Moralis.enableWeb3 does that