Alternative of query.include in aggregrate

Is there a way to use query.include inside the pipeline?

I have the query below:

and in the response I don’t get all the fields of the Pointer field.

When I use query.include with query.first or query.find it works perfect. But, in the case of aggregation that doesn’t work and can’t find any alternative?

Can you share an example object where include is not working? I suppose it should work the same irrespective of the query type.

Yes, here is the code:

and below the response I’m getting in the Pointer field (category):


Have you tried using Project pipeline.

Yes, but Project is an alternative to Select I’m looking for an alternative, of include !!!

I don’t know if it is. You can search if it is in mongo db or for parse server. If it isn’t then you have to make another query.

You can also try to make an equivalent of joining two tables.