Allow to use gettokenprice and define what currency to get the token in

Our use case requires us to get a token priced in USD,GBP,EUR, but the api only gives the price in USD by getting a “usdPrice” value.

I’d like to pass in the options a list of currencies like:

const options = {
  address: "0x7...2",
  chain: "bsc",
  exchange: "PancakeSwapv2",
  currencies: ["USD", "EUR", "BTC"] 
const price = await Moralis.Web3API.token.getTokenPrice(options);

And the result could look like this:

  "nativePrice": {
    "value": "8409770570506626",
    "decimals": 18,
    "name": "Ether",
    "symbol": "ETH"
  "currenciesPrice": {
      "USD": 19.12,
      "EUR": 17.6,
      "BTC": 0.0000123
  "exchangeAddress": "0x1f98431c8ad98523631ae4a59f267346ea31f984",
  "exchangeName": "Uniswap v3"

you can also propose this on roadmap: