Allow to set gas limit in "Moralis.executeFunction" options

When using ether.js directly I can set a gas limit, but with Moralis.executeFunction the only override that is being exposed is “msgValue” (value), why not expose the rest of the override options from ethers/web3? (using moralis 1.3.2)

I get errors where ethers fail to evaluate the gas price for the function, and now I have to use ethers directly instead of relying on Moralis to execute functions because of that, can you please expose the gasLimit/gas option or add the other overrides that come through ethers/web3?

web3.js -

If it’s already available, it’s not in the typescript/documentation, this is the options type:

  interface ExecuteFunctionOptions {
    contractAddress: string;
    abi: object;
    functionName: string;
    msgValue?: string;
    params?: ExecuteFunctionParams;
    /* missing this -> gasLimit?: number; */ 

you can propose this on, or add a PR to the code:

most of the time it is not needed to specify the gas limit

I know, but in many cases it’s useful, anyway I will make a PR =)