afterSave trigger for Moralis.User not working

Hi Guys

just wondering if anyone else has been having this problem with the afterSave cloud function trigger for Moralis.User not running at all?
The problem has been going on for at least a year now, im surprised it hasn’t been fixed.

Is anyone else having the same problem and is there any time frame for the Moralis team to get it working?
I have been using workarounds but now really need this functionality for my app.


I know about this. You can use beforeSave instead of afterSave. This happens only for User class.

yes I have been doing that but the problem occurs when I need to do something to the user class after first signup. if I use beforesave there is no user object yet so I get stuck and have to use workaround.
I just wish aftersave could be fixed. is it quite difficult to fix it?

There should be info about current user object in beforeSave.

The reason of afterSave not working I think is because it is used already internally by the server.